Faqs About Turkish Residence Permit

  • Can I Apply for Turkish Residence Permit?

Most of the foreign nationals who travel to Turkey with a tourist visa and want to resident in Turkey can apply for the residence permits. Yet, it is in not guarantee that you will get one, there are certain hints that will increase this change, such as preparing a complete file, well prepared and stamped notary documents and etc. fethiyetransation.com is experienced in this subject so you can always consult us to get the result you want. 

  • Does It Take Long Time?

The immigration office has got 3 months’ duration to review your letter of application. Nonetheless, depending on the season and their workload, the whole process mostly results in 4 to 6-week time.

  • Which Documents Do I Need?

This question depends on the person/family or the country where you come from. There are countless documents you must collect to apply in the right way, Fethiye translate can assist you in this subject. We are happy to help.

  • How Much Money do I Need to Spend for Turkey Residence Permit?

In this subject no one can give you an exact price; because the taxes are in Dollar currency so it changes all time plus health insurance costs depend on the nationality, age and the length of the residency period. Notary fees and Sworn Translation fees are another issue. We as, Fethiye translate, can help you anytime you need. Our consultants are experts on this subject.

  • Do I Need to Buy a Property for Turkish Residence Permit?

In order to apply for a residency, you can rent a property or buy one. If you rent a property you will need a rental agreement prepared and sealed in a notary with a sworn translator, fethiye translate can help you in notaries, we are accredited translators from the Muğla High Justice Court and the Ministry of Justice. Our title in the ministry is‘’ Tercüman Bilirkişi ‘’ meaning Expert Translators.

  • How Long Does Turkish Residency Permit Card Last?

For the first-time applications, the residence permit is usually granted for 1 year, 90 days before your time expires you can apply again to get another 1 or 2 years.

  • Can I Extend My Turkey Residence Permit?

If your residence permit time is due soon, you can apply to the immigration office to extend it. For the extension, you must do the same process. We are always here to help, you can mail us to get more information.

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