Turkish State Insurance for Expats (SGK)

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                                           Turkish State Insurance for Expats (SGK)

Fethiye translation and Fethiye Translate’s article about SGK

SGK Health insurance definitely put a question mark in the minds. Everybody wants to have the reassurance and comfort of knowing that in an emergency or case of illness and social security institution will cover the costs. Private Insurance companies work perfect in Turkey but sometimes they don’t cover everything (SGK Does not cover the chronical diseases that you had before or you still have, such as diabetes or high blood pressure and etc… They will check-up and examine you to find out your diseases.) you may consider having a Turkish social security institution register.

If you are older than 65 you don’t have to have health insurance, but anyone under this age applying for a residency permit must have private insurance, to apply for Turkish Social security institution, you have to live in Turkey for at least one year, then you can apply for it. At your first arrival, you have to have private insurance and if you are happy with it you continue but unfortunately, some foreigners complain that private health insurance is just too expensive and they don’t like terms, conditions or the private hospitals they have to use. Some expats feel uncertain of guaranteed health coverage. So, they want to sign up for social security institution (SGK)

‘’Important Notice, if you have a chronical disease SGK will not cover it. You can get treatment in Government Hospitals but you have to pay for them.’’

            How to apply Turkish Social Security Institution?

Turkish State Insurance for expats

Sample Petition Letter

As we stated above, you have to live in Turkey for at least one year so that you will have a right to apply.

  • In order to apply;
  • You must give a power of attorney to a sworn translator in a notary office so that we can act freely on your behalf in the hospital to provide communication and guide you.
  • Pay notary fee (For the POA)
  • Pay 200 TL to the hospital cash desk first then
  • Passport Copy
  • Residency card Copy
  • Petition letter (must be filled in the hospital and approved by the civil servant)
  • Approved address document given by the Fethiye district governorate.
  • Turkish Phone Number

After collecting the documents above you must go to hospital latest 8.30 in the morning,

The whole process takes all day, if one of the doctors ask for more test, you may need to pay for it and the process may not finish on the same day.

Pay the fee, fill in the petition letter, get yourself registered to the social security institution (SGK) system.

Go to the Health Board in the hospital, hand over your documents and then they will take a picture with their camera. After the picture they will issue a document, in this document, there will be 8 different doctors they are;









These doctors will check your body, blood, urine, x-rays and then examine you,

Every each of them must examine you and write their findings to the document they give you and stamp it.

Important Notice: Most of the doctors and the health board don’t speak English, you must have a sworn translator with you so that both parties can understand each other.

We as, Fethiye translation and Fethiye translate services can help you in the hospital from beginning to the end and make sure everything goes well.

After seeing all the doctors and have their findings in the document you must go to the health board and give your document to them. Doctors have a meeting at 2.30 and they will discuss your situation and then decide. They usually give their reports around 16.00, after having your report you can see your illnesses and go to the SGK Office to complete.

Important Notice: You will be covered one month after your application and you need to pay around 700 TL every month to the SGK. For other services please visit our main page https://fethiyetranslation.com/

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