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The best 5 places to see in Fethiye vacation place for tourists will be reviewed today in this article. Are you looking for an expert translator when you come to Fethiye? always provides the highest quality translation services at the most affordable price. Welcome to the beautiful region of Turkey’s most visited. Fethiye resort town will blow your mind with its beaches, natural beauties, and historical heritage.

Fethiye, which is one of the few holiday destinations in the world as well as our country, is definitely a paradise. It is an indispensable holiday region of the new generation with its valleys, bays, islands, beaches and extreme sports. With its ancient past, it promises its guests an unforgettable holiday. There are many rituals to be held in Fethiye. This region is great for those who are tired of the chaos of the city and want to leave themselves to the bosom of nature and the sea. We have compiled for you the most liked places in the Fethiye region. Here those lists:

Best places of Fethiye Mugla vacation place in Turkey – Review, and information article

1- Calis Beach in Fethiye Mugla Turkey

Calis Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, calls out to its guests with its wide beach, which is kilometers long, as well as hotels, restaurants and gift shops.

It offers a great visual feast for those who want to walk in the evening against the warm summer breeze. Calis Beach is also appreciated as an ideal holiday destination for families.

2- Oludeniz in Fethiye Mugla Turkey

Fethiye is known as the land of light and sun in the Lycians. In the Middle Ages, it is known as “Far Land”. Here is the place which one of the most beautiful points of Turkey and this place is located in the Teke Peninsula where takes place in the southwest of Anatolia.

Famous for its name, Ölüdeniz, is a point where holidaymakers never pass. The holidaymakers literally love this place. You can do water sports in the magnificent beauty of this place. Activities such as windsurfing and kite surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding are also interesting for tourists. Fethiye is definitely one of the most important natural beauties of the world and Turkey.

3- Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay in Fethiye Mugla, Turkey

Butterfly Valley is one of the most beloved natural beauties of Fethiye and Turkey, and of course the whole world. This is a region were surrounded by steep cliffs reaching 350 meters. It takes its name from more than 80 species of butterflies which it hosts.

Especially the “Jersey tiger” butterfly species located here is world-famous. This famous valley gives its guests unforgettable memories with its magnificent atmosphere.

Kabak Bay is located on the historical Lycian Way in Turkey and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Kabak Bay, which hosts people from all over the world, impresses everyone with its incredible nature.

4- Discover unique natural beauties with 12 Islands tour in Fethiye Mugla, Turkey

When you come to Fethiye, you should definitely go on 12 island tour with daily boats. Be sure to take a day with this tour. With this tour, you can see the most liked points of Fethiye Mugla vacation place.

5- Paragliding experience in Babadag’s skirts in Fethiye Mugla, Turkey

You cannot go back without going paragliding in Fethiye-Ölüdeniz. It is really exciting to go up the skirts of Babadağ and glide like a bird against the magnificent view of Oludeniz.

Even those who have no experience in parachute can experience the excitement of paragliding accompanied by professional instructors. Parachuting prices are very cheap for tourists when considering the advantageous rate of the Turkish lira.

When you want to take pictures while jumping with a parachute, a little more is added to the price. After all, you will definitely want to immortalize this amazing experience.

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