Most Famous Fethiye Beaches and Bays

Most Famous Beaches and Bays in Fethiye

We decided to collect Fethiye beaches in a list for you. Many of Turkey’s most important tourism destinations located in the region. The beaches in Fethiye are world-famous. What are the most beautiful beaches in Fethiye and what are the features of these beaches, we will try to find answers here. These beaches also can be said as Mugla Beaches in Turkey. As we can be your guide in order to reach these beaches. All you need to do is contact us. So let’s examine them together below:

Most Liked and Visited Fethiye Beaches and Bays (Detailed List)

Most liked and most visited Fethiye Beaches by tourists will be shared below. These famous Fethiye beaches get tourists from all around the world every year. You can see a list of these Fethiye beaches below.

1- Oludeniz Beach in Fethiye Mugla Turkey

The world-famous beach of Fethiye, Oludeniz beach, is a natural wonder where green and blue overlap. The name Oludeniz comes from the stagnation of water. This place resembles an inland sea due to its structure. Oludeniz is a quiet place. It is perfect for those who want to swim and cool in waters such as diamonds and do water sports. This is the most popular beach in the Fethiye region. It is also the first place that comes to mind when beaches and bays in Fethiye are mentioned. As a conclusion, Oludeniz is the first place that comes to mind when Fethiye is mentioned. You will absolutely love it.

2- Karaot Beach (Caretta Caretta Turtles) in Fethiye Mugla Turkey

Karaot Beach is located at the point where the sea ends and meets a hill. The sandy part is called Karaot Beach. The biggest feature of the beach is its untouched natural structure. This is a legendary place where lush nature embraces the deep blue sea.

The area where the beach is located has been determined as a protected area. This is because an endangered creature lives here. We are talking about “Caretta Caretta Turtles”. One of the most famous creatures in the world. Many beaches of Fethiye are the natural habitat of these creatures. It is possible to observe the natural life of these endangered creatures here.

The beach and seafloor of the beach are sandy. Do not doubt that you can enjoy it in this respect. We can say that it has shallow water as the sea level. With this feature, it can be preferred for those who do not swim well and families with children.

There is not a single word that can be called the cleanliness and clarity of the water. Bright as glass and alive like an aquarium. We say like an aquarium because it is possible to see many sea creatures while swimming.

3- Patara Beach in Fethiye Mugla Turkey

Patara Beach is located within the borders of the Gelemis village between Kas and Fethiye districts of Antalya. The beach takes its name from Patara Ancient City. The length of the beach, which is 200-300 meters deep, is 12 kilometers. It has hosted angry desert scenes in dozens of films with its fine sand and dunes.

4- Kidrak Beach in Fethiye

A dazzling beach, a fascinating turquoise sea, and a clean sea! Kidrak Beach is an indispensable beach for those who say that sea is important if I go on holiday. You can admire the beautiful shades of green and blue on this beach surrounded by greenery. This place is not suitable for those who do not swim well and families with children! The bottom of the sea is stony and even rocky, the water suddenly deepens!

5- Turunc Pinari Bay in Fethiye

Turunc Pinari Bay is completely surrounded by amazing trees. Nature seems to have tried to hide this beauty by embracing it. The area around this bay is surrounded by pine, olive, sandal, bay, and trees. This region is covered with fragrant citrus trees.

When the turquoise color of the sea is added to all these greenery, a holiday atmosphere emerges. This is a quiet and calm environment along with nature. It is a holiday paradise that anyone who wants to make a private getaway can prefer. Another great feature of this magnificent bay is that spring water comes out of it. So a normal fresh source of drinking water we know, but directly from the mountain! Maybe the spring in the name may also come from there. There is also a tracking path that follows this water source. A great experience for those who love walking!

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