Turkish Cologne. What is it?

Using a cologne is very common in our beautiful country. Turkish Cologne is an important tradition of Turkish culture. Turkish people have been using cologne for a very long time. We offer cologne to everyone, for example; to our house guests, family visits, in restaurants, etc… There is even a routine, when you are in a restaurant, the waiter comes with a bottle of a cologne that usually includes %80 alcohol, puts a smile in his / her face and offers cologne. After you use the cologne, refresh yourself you can tip the waiter.

What is the History of Turkish cologne?

What is the history of the Cologne? Who invented this lovely smelling, disinfector liquid? Here is the history of the Cologne and things we should know about it. The cologne was first invented in Europe in the 17th century and later became popular among the Ottoman Empire. The cologne was first used as a sanitizer, thanks to its high rate of alcohol it is good at cleaning. It was also used as a beverage, patients used to drink it in order to clean the digestive system.  Turks used a lot of different scents such as rose, lemon, tobacco, etc… After the foundation of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 1923. The cologne market kept continue, a lot of different brands produced cologne. The most popular brand was the Eyüp Sabri Tuncer and still is.

It Later Became a Tradition

After a lot of different consumption people stopped drinking it due to its ingredient which is usually %70 or %80 methyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol is highly toxic and causes irreversible vision loss. After the production of medical cleaning products, the cologne usage in the medical market had dropped rapidly. Due to its refreshing character, barbershops, restaurants, cafes never stopped using it. Because of the high-interest in the cologne drug stores never stopped production and still sell it.

Many different versions were produced;

Due to high interest to the cologne big factories and local shops still produce cologne for the whole country. Different regions have different cologne types. These are;

Acacia Colonia

Golden Drop Cologne (Izmir)

Pear Cologne

Baby Cologne (Vanilla)

White Lily Cologne

Fivefold Cologne

Bouquet Cologne

Walnut Leaf Cologne

Apple Cologne

Hazelnut Cologne

Fresh Lemon Cologne

Tangerine Cologne

Violet Cologne

Banana Cologne

Mint Cologne

Pomegranate Blossom Cologne

Orange Blossom Cologne

Hyacinth Flower Cologne

Cinnamon Cologne

Citrus Blossom Cologne

Tobacco Cologne

Cherry Cologne

Jasmine Flower Cologne

Green apple Cologne

If you ever come to Turkey, do not forget to try our famous cologne. You will fall in love with it.