Fethiye Translation Services prides itself on providing quality, fast and affordable Document translation services in Fethiye to a large pool of individual and corporate clients in various industries, supported by a full-time team of highly qualified native document translators in Fethiye who have great experience of more than 5 years in Fethiye translation market.

We want to be your first destination for quick and accurate document translation in Fethiye. We offer you

  • Legal translation of a wide range of documents, including contracts, agreements, memorandums, warrants, wills, certificates, reports, court minute, witness statements and regulations.
  • Medical translation of medical reports, discharge summaries, medical books, medication guidelines, and health and safety instructions.
  • Marketing translation of websites, profiles, and articles.
  • Interpretation services such as legal local government offices in Fethiye, business negotiations, meetings, appointments, trials, and conferences. 
  • Birth certificate translation in Fethiye
  • Marriage certificate translation in Fethiye
  • Diploma translation in Fethiye
  • Driving license translation Fethiye
  • Death certificate translation in Fethiye
  • Rental Agreement translation in Fethiye
  • Medical report translation and medical document translation
  • Certified translation of legal documents of any type and nature.

Certified Translator of Documents 

Fethiye Translation workers are certified translators and we can notarize your translations on demand in Fethiye Region.

  • We can help you in Notaries, we are certified translators, we can sign official documents and help you with selling & buying process.
  • You can give power of attorney to us, or anyone you wish in Fethiye to conclude your business from abroad simply by going to a public notary and post us to stamped & sealed documents.
  • After we translate your document we can get it notarized within hours.

Consultancy Services & Residency in Turkey

We live in Fethiye, we know the regulations and how things work around here. We can tell you what you need or act on your behalf to finalize your needs while you are enjoying the sun. Please e-mail us and explain your problem so that we can help you.

Legal Translation

Looking for legal translation Fethiye? Do you need to have your legal documents translated? Hire us.  Fethiye Translation Services in Fethiye is a leading provider of legal translation services. We are an accredited translation agency by TURKISH Ministry of Justice, Notary Public, and Courts. We provide certified legal Translation in Fethiye for all your legal documents. Our legal translation services include translation of contracts, agreements, memorandums, warrants, wills, certificates, reports, court minutes, witness statements, and so on. Our teams of professional legal translators provide our clients with high quality, consistent and accurate legal translation in Fethiye.